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Mental Training & Workshops That Kick Your Skills Up a Notch

Here at Sports Mind & Body Consulting in Edgewater, New Jersey, we care about you as an individual and not just as an athlete. Our compassionate sports consultant wants to create a unique game plan that you can use throughout your life, helping you achieve your personal and athletic goals.

To see if you could benefit from mental training answer these questions:

Do you get nervous to make a mistake when playing?
Do you get frustrated and angry when things don’t go your way on the field?
Do you set high expectations for yourself and demand perfection?
Is your fear of failure limiting you from reaching your true potential?
Do you set high demanding and unrealistic goals?
Are you putting too much pressure on yourself to the point that it affects your ability to perform and limits your overall confidence?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then mental training could be the answer for you.

With over six years of a psychology experience, we offer mental training for athletes that can take their abilities to the next level. We can help you overcome mental setbacks and get a step ahead of your competition in the long run. In addition to sports psychology, Sports Mind & Body Consulting also offers helpful soccer training. Contact us for more information.

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About Jonathan J. Monterosso M.A. (IGPA Certified)
"Optimal Performance Starts with the Way We Think"

Sports Mind & Body Consulting's president, Jonathan J. Monterosso, has always been interested in the mental aspect of sports, recognizing its importance. He has played club soccer with various teams throughout New Jersey, and Jonathan has also coached soccer at many different levels. He easily relates to people and understands what it means to be an elite athlete. Jonathan is also certified in Golf Psychology through the International Golf Psychology Association (IGPA).

Jonathan has a B.A. in Psychology from Seton Hall University, and has a master's degree in psychological studies with a concentration in sports psychology. He wants to find out exactly what is bothering athletes so that he can develop individualized plans to increase their athletic performance through proper motivation.

"I've always been interested and intrigued about the mental side of sports. Too many times we focus on the physical training and leave out the mental training which is critical for performance. Mental training not only enhances performance, but it helps athletes deal with any mental setbacks they may experience, such as coming back from an injury. I truly belive as an athlete in order to get to the next level, we need to embrace the mental side of the sport in order to be the best we can be.

I believe the mind is just like a muscle, we need to train it in order for it to become stronger. With the mental training I provide through various workshops, athletes will be able to incorporate it into their daily lives so they can see improvement on and off the field. Benefits of consulting include improving confidence, motivation, concentration and teamwork."

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